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Work Zone Traffic Control

Work zone traffic control is among one of the most crucial aspects of a safe roadway construction project. Without work zone traffic control, workers are exposed to greater risk and motorists and their passengers are in a position that increases their chance of a collision. These essential safety implements come in numerous shapes, sizes, and varieties. Regardless of the work zone traffic controls, you need for your next project, we guarantee to have the right equipment that will help enhance your project’s safety. 

Ozark Safety Services, LLC has an extensive rental fleet of work zone traffic control devices. Below are some of the products we offer our new and returning customers!

Construction Signs – from the man with the shovel to work zone ahead signage, we have the right sign for your next project. Questions about custom signage? Contact us and we'll offer you solutions.

Posts and Portable Stands – A sign is only as good as its stand and we offer numerous posts and portable stands to help ensure motorists see your work zone construction signs. Contact us if you need more information on available posts and portable stands as inventory can be limited.

Message Boards – One of the most common means of enhancing the safety of a roadside workplace is through the usage of a message board. Easily let motorists know when to slow down, inform them of upcoming detours, and reduce the risk of harm or serious injury to workers and motorists alike with message boars provided by Ozark Safety.

Arrow Boards Like the message board, the arrow board quickly and easily lets motor quickly and they need to move. This enhances the safety of the construction site and we offer numerous arrow boards available for the Department of Transportation and Construction, and our other customers.

Channelization Drums – One of the most prevalent roadside safety implements are channelization drums. Often orange and striped, these drums line roadside construction sites and create a barrier between the worker and motorists. If you need channelization drums in any quantity, be sure to contact us to get your quote.

Barricades – Every motorist is familiar with the classic “road closed” barricade! These barricades prevent motorists from entering a construction site and these barricades also function as a barrier between the construction site and the workers. For more information on our availability or variety of barricades, contact us today.

Let our experienced and certified personnel help you with your next project or emergency lane closure! Our yard in Montgomery and Mobile is proud to serve customers throughout the whole state of Alabama. Contact us today to learn more or to get your free quote!



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